Buyer's Guide

How To Reserve An Avida Property

Standard Reservation Process

  1. Choose your preferred project location and the type of unit.
  2. Request for a sample computation of the unit through our accredited seller to get an idea on the financing
  3. Fill up completely and sign the Reservation Agreement form and prepare 2 valid ID's. Click here to download the Reservation Agreement (RA).
  4. Pay the Reservation Fee (RF). If the RF is in cash, a Provisional Receipt (PR) will be issued by the Cashier. If in check, no PR is issued. Official Receipt will be mailed to the Buyer.

    * Payment for Reservation Fee thru Credit card, Direct deposit & Remittance using iREMIT are also possible.

Documentary Requirements

General Requirements For Booking

  1. Final Computation Sheet (to be provided by Avida)
  2. Credit Approval (to be provided by Avida)
  3. Reservation Fee and Post Dated Checks for Down Payment
    1. If client has a Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) account, they may apply for an Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) to settle the Down Payment.
  4. 2 Valid Government Issued ID
  5. Validated Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  6. Proof of Billing (latest 3 months)
  7. Bank Guarantee or Guarantee Check (for Bank Financing accounts)
  8. The following documents are required, when applicable:
    1. Credit Life Insurance Application Form – for accounts availing CLI
    2. As Is Where Is Form (Built-up Form) – for Ready for Occupancy Units
    3. Approved Request for Acceptance of Payment (RAP) – for accounts with lacking requirements
    4. Approved Request for Extension of Payment (REP) – for accounts with lapsed reservation fee validity

Additional Requirements On A Case-To-Case Basis

  1. Originally signed Reservation Agreement ( if reservation was done with scanned copy of the RA or a Quick Reserve Form )
  1. Three (3) Notarized or Consularized Special Power of Attorney - for buyers transacting through an Attorney-in-Fact
  2. Three (3) Certified True Copies of the Certificate of Finality - for divorced/annulled/legally separated buyers
  3. Three (3) Certified True Copies of Certificate of Finality appointing a guardian with copy of the Surety Bond - if buyer is a minor
  4. Three (3) copies of Notarized /Consularized Affidavit of Citizenship or Oath of Allegiance - if buyer is a former Filipino citizen
  5. Three (3) copies of Notarized/Consularized Affidavit of Waiver - for buyers with foreign spouses

For Corporations/Partnerships

  1. Two (2) Original Certified True Copies of SEC Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation/Partnership and By-Laws or equivalent documents issued by the governing where company was incorporated (foreign buyers).
  2. Two (2) Original Certified True Copies of Partnership Certificate or Secretary’s Certificate /Board Resolution showing the percentage of ownership.
    1. Note: If buyer is purchasing lot, house & lot or townhouse, the partnership or corporation must be at least 60% Filipino owned.
  3. Certified True Copy of latest SEC General Information Sheet or List of Current Stockholders with percentage of ownership as shown in the notarized or consularized Secretary’s Certificate with Board Resolution.

Trust Account

  1. Declaration of Trust Account / Trust Agreement
  2. Trustor Documents (refers to the requirements of the buyer)
  3. Trustee Documents (refers to the requirements of the authorized representative)
    1. Note: If Trustee/Trustor is an individual, refer to the list of requirements for individual buyer. If Trustee/Trustor is a non-individual, refer to the list of requirements for corporations/partnerships.

Other Requirements

  1. Clear Copy of the Valid Passport with date of entry/exit - If submitted documents by a foreign-based buyer is locally notarized (e.g. SPA, affidavits, etc)
  2. Letter Advice Re: Correction of Unit Details in RA - if there are corrections in the unit details in the RA

*Foreign nationals are only allowed to purchase Residential and Commercial Condominiums

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